Beginning Meditation

Like most things, starting to meditate is the hardest part and yet it is very easy to do, even starting is easy. All it takes is 15 minutes, perhaps even as little as 10 or even 5 minutes if you are that pressed for time. It is the thought of sitting for hours meditating which puts many people off starting but the reality is, those people that do meditate for that length of time do it because they chose to and not out of necessity.

Many more people would probably take up meditating if they knew it could take up so little time out of their already busy days. The recommended period for meditating for beginners is just 15 minutes, preferably just before going to bed or when first getting up in the morning. Although some people do also recommend a further one or two meditations per day even they admit they need only be for a minute or two each. So, a typical day for someone starting to meditate, according to the website, could be a 15-minute meditation first thing in the morning and then a further 2-minute meditation whilst on the bus to and from work.

This means that for most people there is no real reason as to why they could not take up meditating and so perhaps they should as it has been proven to be beneficial. When you meditate you clear your mind, ridding it of any stress or worries and the effects of the meditation continue on through the day, even after you have finished meditating.

No equipment or specialist knowledge is needed to begin meditating and so all it takes is the willpower to start and most people that do start, soon recognize the benefits and so rarely stop. To begin meditation all you need do is sit down with your back straight. Begin with a couple of regular deep breaths and then continue to breathe but now, think of a 2 syllable word or two words. As you breathe in, think of the first word or syllable and then as you exhale, think of the second. Concentrating on the words and your breathing helps you to forget what else was on your mind, ridding you of the thoughts of the things which were depressing you or making you stressed out.

Today it has been shown that stress is a serious problem as it can lead to more serious illnesses and so the medical world are rapidly trying to come up with cures for stress but meditation is already here and probably works better than any medications or other treatments will.

Although meditation may not help with all your problems, it can at least help you not to get over stressed with any of them, making for a more relaxed and refreshing lifestyle. Meditation is possibly the cheapest and least time-consuming health benefit we have today and as this realization is known by more people, meditation will become even more popular.